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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Manchester.

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ID 116418

Edoardo Moreni

Trying to see things in a different way by writing at @greatpreneurs. Interested in Entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley and Startups.

ID 691313

Somdip Dey

MSc student at the University of Manchester; Department Editor of ACM XRDS (Crossroads) Magazine; Worked at Microsoft as a 'Student Partner'.

ID 501648

Ciprian Tomoiaga

University of Manchester CS, VicePresident @ Manchester Ultimate Programming, Machine Learning aficionado

ID 360586

Tom Andrews

Manchester Software Engineer, Working at BBC on iPlayer and have worked at IBM. Extensive ecommerce experience. Have launched and been the sole developer on a number of websites. Self motivated and enthusiastic looking for a move abroad.

ID 368841

Chris Farrell

Founder @rormix CCO @roundwaves Media Production Professional Media Technology Graduate

ID 88174

Bilawal Hameed

Founder @todone. Award-winning developer. StartupBus Europe 2012 finalist.

ID 503083

Al Mackin

Founder of Formisimo (2013), founder of theEword (2006) - 32 strong digital agency.

ID 193553

Iestyn Shapey

Founder @shapey-surgical-limited • Worked at @nhs • Studied at @university-of-edinburgh, @university-of-birmingham

ID 55325

Sam Phillips

Head of Engineering at Shutl (acquired eBay 2013), formerly PM for The Hut Group and Developer #1 for On The Beach Holidays.

ID 430563

Toni Barta

Studied at @university-of-manchester

ID 171831

Lee Englestone

Innovative web and software developer. Softball and Poker player. ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WPF, WP7. Future startup superstar. Poker Rave founder.

ID 272292

James Billingham

Co-founder of MVP Tracker

ID 705201

Yuri (Jurijs) Matrosovs

BSc student at The University of Manchester. Did placement with IBM.

ID 70680

Alexandru Grigoroy

2nd year CS student at @university-of-manchester; Silver medal at International Mathematical Olympiad.

ID 169649

Mihai Ionescu

System Architect @moment-us-1. Manchester Business School Alumni

ID 603154

Peter Dudbridge

Oxford Uni SoftEng MSc, BBC Sport, Software Engineer

ID 46422

Ian Moss

Experienced Developer(RoR/Java), Face to face collaboration promoter, People connector, Co-Founder. Music fan. Walker.

ID 199485

Dan Eden

Designer and developer/maker.

ID 169601

David Ko

CTO, Co-Founder @Moment_Us_. Comp Eng @university-of-toronto 2010.

ID 173903

Peter Fossick


ID 177426

Alistair Adams

Manchester based startup-guy. 6 years web design and development experience. Studied a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics at @university-of-warwick.

ID 327856

Phil Laszkowicz

Consultant CTO and start-up advisor. Founder of @fillip, @kukinto, and @opetec • CTO of @rooy and director of @exosphere-labs.

ID 274506

Rob Marsh

Windows App Developer. PHP, MySQL, HTML5/CSS3/JS, Adwords, Analytics & Conversion tracking, Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.

ID 428671

Antonio Marino

Hacker. CS student at The University of Manchester. Works at CERN. Full stack generalist

ID 283127

Ben Flowers

Full stack developer, currently working in C#. Previously worked as a Node.js/Ruby developer. Language agnostic, TDD, OO Agile developer.

ID 578729

Scott Dernley

Senior Programmer at Places for People, one of the largest property management companies in the UK. iOS / Android developer in my own time.

ID 459196

Joe Critchley

Founder @strobe-digital • Worked around the UK at agencies @made-by-many, @great-fridays

ID 436283

Jamie Hoyle

Engineering Lead at Reach Messaging.

ID 547196

Gregg Fisher

VP Engineering @Quikkly, Mobile and Cloud evangelist with a strong engineering and leadership background.

ID 49802

Matt Hall

Freelance Rails and iOS developer.

ID 90277

Andrew Longsden

Founder of an online image sharing tool for the education sector

ID 712855

Ed Gough

Software Engineer Team Leader, Microsoft Technologies, always has an idea.

ID 823326

Akéf Naveed Mangat

Data Science student at University of Sheffield, Worked as BI Developer for Information Architects.

ID 163054

Bart W

Founder @fazo-development • Worked at @comarch, @salmon, @bjss • Studied at @wroclaw-university-of-technology

ID 307620

Georgios Efstratiadis

CEO of CopyrightsWorld. Co-Founder for many online startups. Digital Nomad.

ID 337163

daniele forlani

ID 198193

Tom Harrop

Worked at @thales, @htc

ID 101396

Thom Seddon

Founder and CEO at and Director at @seddon-media.

ID 506878

Tom Bell

Ruby, JavaScript/CoffeeScript and newbie Go Hacker from Manchester.

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