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Meet 188 entepreneurs, makers, and investors based in Manchester

ID 3533

Gil Dibner


Investor: @innovid @sisense @loyalblocks @jfrog @the-gifts-project @yedda @front @resin-1. Angelist syndicate backs top-tier Israeli tech companies.

ID 335335

Scott Dylan


Scott Dylan a Consulting Chief Marketing Officer ★ Digital Consultant ★ Coach ★ Mentor ★ NED ★ Investor ★ Hootsuite Ambassador ► I can help grow your business!

ID 55382

Daniel Jones


Technology Venture Capitalist

ID 167152

Doug Scott


Investor and Advisor Founder of many internet companies,, 20 angel investments in 24 months

ID 476421

Paul Mailhot


Passionate about New Hampshire and Technology!

ID 40048

Manoj Ranaweera

Founder of tech startups and SaaS All Rounder with special focus on strategy and commercialisation

ID 55325

Sam Phillips

Head of Engineering at Shutl (acquired eBay 2013), formerly PM for The Hut Group and Developer #1 for On The Beach Holidays.

ID 167380

Volker Hirsch


Multiple founder. Advisor, Board member, Chairman at Cognisess. Raised, exited, succeeded & failed.

ID 160451

Josh Delisle


VP of Sales @dyn-inc • Studied at University of New Hampshire Worked at @ibm, MYPN Board

ID 153230

mohammad khodadadi

ID 111877

Barry White

Digital marketing & Product specialist distribution specialist with 10yrs experience in mobile and online gaming. Founder of in-game ad networks GamesChart & GameJacket.

ID 470995

Tom New

Co-founder of Formisimo. Adopted Mancunian, and generally enthusiastic chap.

ID 107876

@koqoo —

unconventional eɔcentrıc geek

ID 173903

Peter Fossick


ID 503083

Al Mackin

Founder of Formisimo (2013), founder of theEword (2006) - 32 strong digital agency.

ID 461112

David Newns


28 // Entrepreneur // Sold Co to FTSE 100 // Investor // Love the white island of Ibiza

ID 320612

Zack Young

Zack Young, Entrepreneur & Adventurer. Founder @cherry-bird

ID 155268

Travis York


ID 288732

Mike S


Private investor based in Manchester, New Hampshire

ID 719019

Tony Xhufi

ID 266216

Stuart Logan

@university-of-manchester-1 graduate. Founder & CEO of @clowdy, invested $600k. Created Amnis Technology, $2m revenue tech company with 5 million downloads

ID 205878

Sean Bonnell

Founder @blue-sphere-industries

ID 455229

Carl Fairclough

UX at Formisimo. Previously worked on the design of Textburst, Timetastic & at @mediaburst-1

ID 651584

Gavin Wheeldon


Founder Purple WiFi, @applied-language-solutions

ID 361279

Aaron S. Birnbaum


Founder/CEO/Investor of Technology and healthcare companies. Adviser to several others. Worked at CitiCorp, MCI, and numerous start ups. MBA from U of Denver.

ID 391439

George Konsta

Business strategy consultant. More than 10 years’ experience in Telecom, Marketing & Sales. Studying Entrepreneurship in MBS at UoM.

ID 46422

Ian Moss

Experienced Developer(RoR/Java), Face to face collaboration promoter, People connector, Co-Founder. Music fan. Walker.

ID 199485

Dan Eden

Designer and developer/maker.

ID 368841

Chris Farrell

Founder @rormix CCO @roundwaves Media Production Professional Media Technology Graduate

ID 217126

Chris Dee

COO of UK supermarket chain $500m t/o.

ID 88174

Bilawal Hameed

Founder @todone. Award-winning developer. StartupBus Europe 2012 finalist.

ID 691826

Chris Hardman

Early-stage VC with start-up experience. MSc LSE and MA Cambridge.

ID 562009

David Chambers

Founder Gay Homestays: Studied at @university-of-birmingham

ID 47804

Chathura J Bandara

Founder Wardrobe Media, CharityDEN • Worked at @global-market-insite-inc

ID 169615

Andrew Ko

CEO & Co-Founder @Moment_Us_. Rotman MBA. MBS PhD. PEO engineer. Speaker, advisor, DJ and music producer.

ID 169567

Shaun Gibson

Supporter of UK startups. Co-founder of Tech Britain & SpacePortX. CEO of Telcom.

ID 131285

Phil Goddard

Experienced all-round Creative and Art Director with a functional mind. Gaming ideas with a commercial angle.

ID 14124

Ed French


Engineer & MBA, 10 years as a VC with EV Group, now running Tangentix Ltd, a software company revolutionising game delivery

ID 151031

Hector Kolonas

Founder of - Loves turning ideas into working prototypes. Consults on social platform development and online marketing through Ektagon.

ID 190613

Jolyon Latimer


ID 171831

Lee Englestone

Innovative web and software developer. Softball and Poker player. ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WPF, WP7. Future startup superstar. Poker Rave founder.

ID 169601

David Ko

CTO, Co-Founder @Moment_Us_. Comp Eng @university-of-toronto 2010.

ID 272292

James Billingham

Co-founder of MVP Tracker

ID 603154

Peter Dudbridge

Oxford Uni SoftEng MSc, BBC Sport, Software Engineer

ID 19960

Nick Howland

ID 161291

Lars Hjältman

co-founder @hcg-partners • Partner in Management Consulting, serial entrepreneur and big company C-leve exec

ID 761453

Matt Bradley

ID 169649

Mihai Ionescu

System Architect @moment-us-1. Manchester Business School Alumni

ID 85126

Graham Furlong

Business creation and growth strategies for the startup generation. 12 years experience at the worlds most creative agencies Crispin Porter+Bogusky, TBWA, JWT.

ID 360586

Tom Andrews

Manchester Software Engineer, Working at BBC on iPlayer and have worked at IBM. Extensive ecommerce experience. Have launched and been the sole developer on a number of websites. Self motivated and enthusiastic looking for a move abroad.

ID 573602

Athanasios Navrozoglou

Founder Klinns • Worked at @natech-s-a • Studied at @university-of-manchester, @university-of-patras

ID 691313

Somdip Dey

MSc student at the University of Manchester; Department Editor of ACM XRDS (Crossroads) Magazine; Worked at Microsoft as a 'Student Partner'.

ID 579177

George Baker

ID 659029

Brian Nash

MBA student at Indiana University.

ID 279900

Tim Dempsey

VC dealmaker in tech and healthcare, occasional investor, startup advisor.

ID 111576

Douglas Wheeler

Sales Manager at PPLP

ID 240505

Sonal Bhalla

If it can be comprehended, it can be achieved..!!

ID 131096

Mia Bennett

Founder of 3 startups in the mobile space. Strong business and tech consulting background, advising IBM, Siemens, News Corp, the BBC. Worked in 5 countries.

ID 127712


Travel startup accelerator. Managing partners worked at @expedia, @datalex, @everbread, Boeing. Aggresive mentoring program + data and commercial support.

ID 127670

Manuel da Costa

Founder @bride-book

ID 401314

Altay Tinar

Founder and Managing Director @eniyihekim-com • Worked at @astrazeneca • Studied MBA at @university-of-manchester

ID 193553

Iestyn Shapey

Founder @shapey-surgical-limited • Worked at @nhs • Studied at @university-of-edinburgh, @university-of-birmingham

ID 524484

Colin White

Founder Sumo Insight Ltd • Worked at @orange, @ee • Studied at @university-of-wolverhampton

ID 227778

Indrajitsingh Pawar


I hold 2 IP Rights in the area of processing of nanocrystals and bioconjugates.

ID 823326

Akéf Naveed Mangat

Data Science student at University of Sheffield, Worked as BI Developer for Information Architects.

ID 501648

Ciprian Tomoiaga

University of Manchester CS, VicePresident @ Manchester Ultimate Programming, Machine Learning aficionado

ID 160018


Managing Director of Murmr. Studied International Management at @university-of-manchester. Strong business strategy and development background.

ID 98813

Mohit MB

ID 55776

Dimitris Tsounis

Aerospace Engineering Student @university-of-manchester

ID 162261

Ben Widdowson

Marketing NINJA @rinku, • Worked at @sabisu • Studied at @university-of-liverpool

ID 116418

Edoardo Moreni

Trying to see things in a different way by writing at @greatpreneurs. Interested in Entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley and Startups.

ID 857370

Mohit MB

Postgrad from Manchester Business School

ID 702941

Filip Sobiecki

Co-founded Message Missile (Notify) and is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the company.

ID 489908

Adam Balogh

Studied at @university-of-manchester

ID 566624

Mohamed Heiba

Founder @kawarizmi • Worked at @ibm • Studied at @university-of-manchester

ID 499841

Pavel Rodionov

Experienced business development coach; executives' professional and personal development

ID 430563

Toni Barta

Studied at @university-of-manchester

ID 360951

Andrew Disley

ID 434630

Mike Allen

Founder @koa • Studied at @university-of-manchester

ID 70680

Alexandru Grigoroy

2nd year CS student at @university-of-manchester; Silver medal at International Mathematical Olympiad.

ID 554950

Caprice Coen

Founder Learning With Littles • Studied at @university-of-manchester MA student in Translation and Interpreting, BA Hons degree Spanish and Portuguese language

ID 666154

Adnan Riaz

ID 705201

Yuri (Jurijs) Matrosovs

BSc student at The University of Manchester. Did placement with IBM.

ID 151962

Saqib Bakht

Saqib Bakht is the Business Development Manager for Alliance Disposables, Ltd., where he leads a team in a pilot project involving schools and nursing homes.

ID 177426

Alistair Adams

Manchester based startup-guy. 6 years web design and development experience. Studied a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics at @university-of-warwick.

ID 203988

Jacinta Russell

ID 815619

Charles Haworth

Award-winning sales manager with over 20 years sales and management experience

ID 712855

Ed Gough

Software Engineer Team Leader, Microsoft Technologies, always has an idea.

ID 307620

Georgios Efstratiadis

CEO of CopyrightsWorld. Co-Founder for many online startups. Digital Nomad.

ID 655784

Ankit Patil

Graphic / Web Designer

ID 878256

Daniel Gillen

E-Commerce expert, worked on several e-commerce stores large and small and started my own. Worked on everything from product design to after-sales support.

ID 462222

Warren Lunt

Co-Founder Proximote • Studied at @lancaster-university Commercial Director & Advisor. Raised commercial finance in excess of £15 Million for early stage companies.

ID 381380

Piotr Zbrojkiewicz

Crime fighter, traveler & entrepreneurial spirit. Wears underpants on the outside.

ID 449559

Jamaal Brathwaite

Founder Next-Gen Interview Limited • Studied at @aquinas-college

ID 547196

Gregg Fisher

VP Engineering @Quikkly, Mobile and Cloud evangelist with a strong engineering and leadership background.

ID 101396

Thom Seddon

Founder and CEO at and Director at @seddon-media.

ID 307929

James Chapman

Founder -of Social networks for all involved in sport.

ID 663352

Angie Merryweather

ID 617047

Sonia Greenhagen

ID 337163

daniele forlani

ID 509602

Mosaira Bahar

ID 302766

Steve Dixon

I'm a designer and a developer and work on both web and iOS products. I love design as much as I do development and push myself in both areas.

ID 429343

Paul Bitakara'mire

Founder AirKitty • Worked at @telefonica • Studied at @manchester-metropolitan-university

ID 684607

Desmond Mombe

Founder Malaika's Secret • Studied @manchester-metropolitan-university.

ID 479413

Fahd Rafi


Founder Aughma • Studied at @university-of-central-florida

ID 443967


MSc International Business

ID 198193

Tom Harrop

Worked at @thales, @htc

ID 144569

The Vinh Dang

Marketing Master at Uni of Salford. 1 year marketing executive experience at @toshiba. Interested in branding and web. Adaptive. Hardworking. Right brained.

ID 578729

Scott Dernley

Senior Programmer at Places for People, one of the largest property management companies in the UK. iOS / Android developer in my own time.

ID 68146

Viktor Marković

Browsing around for potential investment opportunities.

ID 662674

The Law Studio

Our mission is to make law understandable, quick and accessible through innovative technology. We are driven by what consumers want.

ID 105278



Investment Manager at Enterprise Ventures

ID 435959

Jamie Ashbrook

Worked at @cdnify • Studied at @university-of-northumbria

ID 268597

Richard Peterson

ID 419524

Rafi Neumann

Founder and Manager of Travelspec (part of Oniva Online Group Europe). CTO of Loadfill. Worked at Flightmapping. Over 10 years experience in online solutions.

ID 570970

Logan Ouellette

Senior Graphic Design Student at Southern New Hampshire University '14

ID 308855

Matt Whiteley

A highly skilled and extremely motivated User Interface & User Experience designer.

ID 369897

Neil Ball

Online entrepreneur,marketer,blogger and consultant.See my website at . My motto in life is Visualize,Believe,Achieve

ID 652007

Lee Slaughter

Founder @bxpediant • Studied at @manchester-metropolitan-university

ID 107998

Chris Burton

Founder @race-it-home • Worked at @various-micro-startups • Accomplished Photographer / TV Cameraman • Patience Of A Saint •

ID 283127

Ben Flowers

Full stack developer, currently working in C#. Previously worked as a Node.js/Ruby developer. Language agnostic, TDD, OO Agile developer.

ID 361669

Matt Heap

Founder Pletho (March 2014) •Strong business background • Studied at @university-of-salford

ID 651954

Richard Stangroom

Founder @purple-wifi, @applied-language-solutions

ID 146850


Studied at @newcastle-college

ID 810329

Lekel Asonganyi

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

ID 112447

David Dickinson

David Dickinson is a co-founder of; the UK and Worlds only completely free online marketplace for handmade, vintage and collectables

ID 675764

Stefan Cristian

ID 688932

Kris Mailepors, MBA

Sales and Business Development Consultant. Expert in soft skill and competency development for growing SMBs

ID 854988

Daniel Bruce

Founder of HQ, experienced engineering lead for high traffic mobile systems for companies including RBS/Natwest, payment startup Oink, BBC Sport and Chillingo.

ID 129940

Anthony Dickinson

Anthony Dickinson is a co-founder of; the UK and Worlds only completely free online marketplace for handmade, vintage and collectables

ID 685448

Macs Mtha Mahlangu

Enterprenur, with experience running businesses across sectors, with it a great depth of know how in operations, logistics, supply chain and digital strategy

ID 759136

Slavo Vojacek

Working at @adbrain-3

ID 242586

Michela De Rossi

MA in Photography at MMU, Manchester, BA in Graphic Design at IED, Rome; fluent in Italian, Spanish and English.

ID 725174

Steven Thomson

Long term investor in niche markets

ID 837599

Shivam Sukha

New music

ID 722338

Zain Cheema

ID 758584

Andrea Lacoma

Business development

ID 163054

Bart W

Founder @fazo-development • Worked at @comarch, @salmon, @bjss • Studied at @wroclaw-university-of-technology

ID 698932

Jordan W Huxley

Postgraduate Geographer @ University of Manchester + UI/UX Designer @ RECAPP LLC + Owner @ Monkeys Writing Shakespeare LTD.

ID 798259

Alan Michael Davies

ID 506878

Tom Bell

Ruby, JavaScript/CoffeeScript and newbie Go Hacker from Manchester.

ID 813561

Ali Ashik

ID 668983

Jorge Moul

CEO & Founder of Teen Autos. Previous: Founded “Marketing-Express” (Sold in 2009). Founded “” global success - selling all over the World.

ID 428671

Antonio Marino

Hacker. CS student at The University of Manchester. Works at CERN. Full stack generalist

ID 549734

Constance Bell

Founder @harmony-benjamins • Studied at @loreto-college College. Business Entrepreneur.

ID 723177

Mark O'Neill

ID 688837

Daniel Hill

Obsessed with Marketing - Graduated 2013 - in love with technology

ID 522513

Harish Karsan

ID 620013

Cindy Brown


Sales and Biz Ops leader with strong expertise leading and scaling hyper-growth within established and entrepreneureal org.

ID 883011

Russell Cox


Aussie expat living in the UK. Resource/mining background. Looking to re-invest in great ideas.

ID 459196

Joe Critchley

Founder @strobe-digital • Worked around the UK at agencies @made-by-many, @great-fridays

ID 863456

Matthew Ells

Like. Hips 

ID 635964

Tim Dobson

Thinker, Blogger, Hacker, Hiker. Interested in early stage companies with positive values.

ID 611425

ashley gill

ID 451382


ID 639194

Wajid Hussain

ID 386805

cameron robertson

Worked at a digital marketing agency

ID 436283

Jamie Hoyle

Engineering Lead at Reach Messaging.

ID 630769

John Hawkins

ID 534625

Chris Byrne

Podcaster and film nerd. @Action_Junkies Co-Host. Wearer of check shirts. LFC supporter. All views and bad grammar are all my own. [email protected]

ID 861367


ID 495127

Matthew Hadlow

I’m an accomplished business development and sales professional, with strong problem solving abilities. I've excelled working in many differing environments.

ID 492902

Alistair Douglas

Founder of Pied Piper Entertainment. I'm an Inventor focused on tackling the Mobile App Install Market.

ID 471592

Aniruddha Jha

Experience Designer. Metalhead. Imperfect.

ID 526451

James Lister MCIM Chartered Marketer

Marketer & digital specialist with Int'l brands.I manage the complete marketing function;research,insight development,campaign planning,execution,analysis

ID 537269


ID 494324

Charles Basbas


ID 575335

Hhc Avi


ID 322928

Meida Pociūnaitė

ID 201932

Roger Brown


Certified Management Consultant | NED and Interim | Works with award winning clients | #BusinessGrowth | Love sport and #LFC | [email protected]

ID 313026

Clare Coyle

ID 229879

Robert C. Hall, P.E.


Engineering Architect @johnson-controls-building-efficiency-division. Engineer @anatu, Owner @westshore-development-group, Vice-Chair

ID 5903

nick Kingsbury

ID 110153


ID 216441

James Goodsall

Founder CJMT

ID 45814

Matt Malcomson


Managing Director, Oxalis Holidays Ltd.

ID 274506

Rob Marsh

Windows App Developer. PHP, MySQL, HTML5/CSS3/JS, Adwords, Analytics & Conversion tracking, Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.

ID 31935

Andy Etches

Digital strategy specialist and venture capital advisor.

ID 266017

Rachael Bailey

Hablo español

ID 17377

Daniel Dutche

ID 304563

Jonny Quirk

Head of community ops and professional raconteur at citysocializer - creating, organising and attending great social events across the UK and Europe

ID 331604

Adam Ward

Mobile Technology Entrepreneur, Builds New Businesses and Fixes Broken Businesses. Working on some extremely exciting new projects.

ID 49802

Matt Hall

Freelance Rails and iOS developer.

ID 98839

Adam Casey

Digital Marketer at @crystal-ball-ltd

ID 90277

Andrew Longsden

Founder of an online image sharing tool for the education sector

ID 327856

Phil Laszkowicz

Consultant CTO and start-up advisor. Founder of @fillip, @kukinto, and @opetec • CTO of @rooy and director of @exosphere-labs.

ID 352116

Sarah Krug

Business Development for Moment.Us Ltd, MBA Candidate at Manchester Business School, Staff Accountant at RNK. Avid music lover and volunteer.

ID 265318

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